We receive more than 1000 calls a year on our Helpline from users seeking advice and information about their treatment.

The helpline can be reached on 0845 122 8608 - calls are at local rate. To email us you can use the contact form at the top of this page or you can post your question on our forum

Please note - the Alliance lost some of its funding last year and is struggling to maintain a full time helpline. If you have internet access PLEASE try the forum or email first for a quicker response. If you don’t have internet access we will get to your call, but it may take a little longer.


The Alliance forum is a place where you can ask for help or information from a team of committed user advocates as well as your fellow forum users. It is also a place to talk about any aspect of drug policy and practice in the UK. Please note this is a forum where people talk frankly and openly about issues they face with drugs and drug treatment. Please make sure you feel comfortable with this and that this is appropriate for you. Views expressed on the Alliance Forum are not necessarily those of The Alliance.

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